Your pension scheme is often the most costly benefit. We have a range of solutions to help you make the most of it.

1-1 Advice

Often seen as a costly way of providing help for your employees around their pension, however, the impact of 1-1 advice with a qualified adviser can provide a great business case for offering this.

Here are some results from a recent client -

Increased National Insurance Savings from salary sacrifice


ROI 275 %

Before Advice

(auto enrolled)

Projected Pension £4,574

After Advice

Projected Pension £21,623

Ability to analyse and forecast their pension entitlements in the meeting was -

Very beneficial


The same as before

The perceived value of company benefits was -

Significantly higher than before

Slightly higher than before

The same as before

Pension Scheme Review

It’s good practice to review your pension scheme every couple of years.

Our free Pension Scheme Review will look into your current arrangements and where possible, make recommendations for improvements.

Additional Services

Lemonade also has solutions for -

Helping employees with annual and lifetime allowances

What’s the next best thing to 1-1 advice?

Our new app based solution -

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Want to see how 1-1 advice can impact your company or give your pension scheme a health check?

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