1% Club

…helping your higher earners cope with falling pension allowances

higher earners annual allowance optimisation

The 1% Club® is Lemonade’s solution for dealing with the reduction to the Lifetime and Annual Allowances.

How does it work?

Our Solution will -

Assess who is affected

Provide guidance

Avoid unexpected tax charges

Key components

Lemonade will provide all the tools you need to help your staff avoid unexpected tax charges, below are some of the components we use to do this

Staff assessment


Bespoke website






Keynote seminars


Technical support


Want to know more?

Have you got members of staff who are high earners and contribute into your pension scheme?...if so, they may be hit with an unexpected tax charge on their contribution.

The 1% Club solution can help, fill out your details below and one of our consultants will get back to you.

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