We pride ourselves on designing innovative, creative and engaging communication programmes for organisations that want to set themselves apart from the mundane humdrum of traditional comms.

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Group Risk

Most companies provide group risk cover for their employees. But choosing the right policy takes time, energy and research. Why not leave it to us instead?

group risk cover for your employees

Retirement Options Planner

Our Retirement Options Planner helps employees who are approaching retirement and thinking of retiring. It clearly compares their options, so that they can look forward to enjoying the life they want to live!

Retirement Options Planner
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An award winning employee benefits consultancy

WSB awards 2016 winner best pension strategy of the year
professional pensions 2017 winner pension scheme of the year
wsb awards 2017 winner employee benefit consultant of the year
professional pensions awards winner 2017 dc scheme of the year
dc awards 2016 winner financial education provider of the year
employee benefits plan communication


...have something to say to your employees? We’re good at that!

We are experts in simplifying complex topics and making employee communications fresh, engaging and impactful.

Employee Pension Scheme Review


...are what we live for! We have many innovative pensions services to explore

Your pension scheme is often your most costly benefit. We have a range of solutions to help you make the most of it.

  • Employee Advice

    A range of innovative services to help your employees make sense of pensions.

  • Governance

    Bring data and analytics to life to improve member outcomes.

Employees financial wellbeing assessment

Financial Wellbeing your employees to be money savvy and improve their financial wellbeing!

Our experience shows that when you increase the financial awareness of your employees, you give them the tools to make better decisions.

  • Financial Education

    Improve your employees' financial knowledge, tailored to their life stage.

  • Lemonade Heroes

    Get your employees taking action to get their personal finances on track.

GROUP RISK Choosing the right policy

Group Risk

...are your health policy renewals coming up? Speak to our helpful experts!

Choosing the right policy takes time, energy and research. Why not leave it to us instead?

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